Updated Life Goals

I was tagged regarding annual goals. I’ll just call them life goals, since I am not going to tie them to a specific year. If I do them right, they will change my life permanently. Of course a goal needs a timetable, so knowing how hectic my Decembers are, I’ll say these should be done 10.5 months from now.

  1. Create More
    I consume a lot of content. Some things will remain strictly consumable for me. Music, television and movies are not something I’m willing to create. Books, articles, blog posts and other forms of writing are something I should create more. I consume them greatly. I probably read too many blog posts, but I’m ok with that. Code is something I should definitely be creating. Sending patches to my favorite open source projects or trying to port them to Win32 are my goals.
  2. Watch Less Television
    I’m a Law and Order addict. I never watched it when it was new. I still don’t watch the original. Criminal Intent and Special Victims Unit are always on and I’ve never seen them. Its 10+season of episodes that always waste my time. I’ll probably also watch less sports too.
  3. Trash ten pounds
    I lost the twenty pounds I gained while my wife was pregnant, but the twenty I gained throughout my 20s are still with me. I’d like to keep some of the weight as muscle and shed the fat, but I think I’d be better at 165 pounds instead of 175 pounds.
  4. Get Out of Debt
    I hate debt. I’ve got the debt-free bug. I want out. I want to owe no one. My family religion even calls debt slavery. "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender." (Proverbs 22:7)
    Last year my wife and I paid off the last of our non-housing debt. The ambitious goal this year is to pay off our mortgage. Its a huge goal, but it is one that I am passionate about. Think your house is an investment? Maybe yours is. Mine will never be. Think a house is a good investment? Well, consider you bought in 2003? How is that “good investment” performing for you?

I’m not calling anybody else out. If you read this, consider yourself called. What areas of your life are you currently working to improve?