Mix09 Downloadable Content – Day1

Nigel Parker put together and awesome list of all the day1 mix content that is downloadable.


I want to watch it all over the coming weeks(or months), but I don’t like clicking, so I put together this little shell script to pull it for me.

$curlget=”curl -L -g -C – -b cookies.txt –O”
mkdir day1
pushd day1
#add key01 to this list if you want the keynote
for i in t66m t71m t25f t40f t19f c10f c24f t04f t41f t72m t65m c28m t12f t61f t79m t09f t05f b02m t46f t45f t24f b04m t43f c02f c12f c27m t38f t07f t14f t26f ; do
    $curlget http://mschannel9.vo.msecnd.net/o9/mix/09/wmv-hq/$i.wmv

So if you have a linux system, or cygwin, or even just bash and curl installed, this script pulls them all for you.