Windows Home Server backup database

I’m seriously thinking I should change my backup strategy. I use Windows Home Server for one thing and one thing only, Backups. Sure the file share stuff is nice, but I already have a Linux server with samba with my file shares. WHS lovers will say I should migrate, but all I see that gaining me a day or so of copying files and no real benefit.

I recently got a new laptop and when adding this into the mix I had to add more storage to my WHS. I did, and after doing so I got this:


What good is a backup system if it loses your backups? Not much good IMO.

Windows 7’s backup is very good now and I think I may benefit from just using it rather than WHS. I’ll duke it out with WHS one last time, but I won’t be recommending it to Mom, Dad or Grandma anytime soon.

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  1. Did you build your own? I’m guessing knowing you you did. Mistake #1. I have the home server HP media smart. And I built my own. I like the HP one way better. WHy? It has better software for converting videos, searching and moving pictures / movies / etc into one place on the network.

    Also having your files like pictures and things on the server, not on your linux box allows you to share data, etc and get to data wherever you are (as well as remote into any machine on the network).

    Tons of stuff here other than just backups Jay. Get with the program!

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