Real IPv6, Here I Come

For a few months now, my entire home has been on the ipv6 internet via Hurricane Electric’s free tunnel service. It has been very cool and I’ve learned a bit about IPv6 in the process.

Today I was happy to see an email from Comcast about their IPv6 trial program. I don’t have direct IPv6 just yet, but this was the first time I had to agree to Terms of Service.

Confidentiality.  While the conduct of the Trial, the nature and quality of the Trial Service and any Trial Equipment you receive constitute Comcast confidential information, one of Comcast’s objectives is to assist the general Internet community in preparing for IPv6 and to encourage widespread IPv6 deployment across the entire Internet.  Thus, you are authorized to discuss details of the trial with non-participants, such as members of the Internet Engineering Task Force, and to post information about your participation on web-based forums, email discussion lists, social media networks, etc. However, you agree not participate in any media interviews that involves disclosure or discussion of any details of the Trial with media representatives, including but not limited to professional bloggers, print media, online newspapers and magazines, radio, and television, without the prior written approval of Comcast.

I have to admit, these terms aren’t too bad. I can blog about it, tweet about it, talk about it all I want. I can be as mean or as nice as I want. But… “no interviews” 🙂