WlanChannelInfo aka Windows 7 Net Stumbler aka Wifi Channel Info

I finally got around to updating WlanChannelInfo. It started because I wanted to play with some .NET 4 beta features and I also struggled with getting a simple net stumbler running. I figured that Windows had to have something better to offer, and it turns out that in windows 7 the WLAN API was updated to expose everything that I cared about. I really only want to see what WIFI channel’s my neighbors are on so that I can move my WIFI AP to an unused channel.


I finally updated it to use a .NET release instead of a .NET 4 beta, but when I did, I decided that I didn’t need .NET 4. I just stuck to using 3.5 so that this app will run out of the box on Windows 7. No need to get .NET 4 to run this. I figure my parents might have windows 7 but probably won’t have .NET 4 installed just yet. Maybe someone else’s parents would have the same issue, and since the download is only 19KB… yes, 19KB… since the app is dead simple and does nothing but use existing WPF controls and p/invoke into the WLAN api (via the ManagedWifi.dll also on codeplex) its *TINY*.

Let me know if you find this useful.