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I first became aware of it when Meg McCain told her story on Thursday, November 11th. Google her name. I recommend you carefully listen to what she said. She has been called a liar, but after listening to her story there is no point that I can tell that she lied. She never said that she was felt up. She said that she would have been felt up. Watch the video, you see that she never was felt up.

I’m writing this because I was a little surprised when some people I know weren’t outraged or at least a little disturbed. But I draw the line at anyone saying that the TSA is doing a good job or that they are making us safer. They do neither. Here is a collection of links which suggest that they provide no security and do a poor job attempting to.—israelification-high-security-little-bother 

this is the most disturbing which I won’t even watch again :

nevermind that the x-ray scanners are a result of lobbying and not security descision :

deadlier terrorism existed long before 9/11, but we were calmer and less panicky :

I don’t usually agree with Alex Jones, but I link you for completeness :



lots of people sharing their experiences with this tyranny:

The Israeli model is nice, but might not scale to US needs :

I’m all for a call to abolish the TSA :

Absolute power corrupts absolutely:

They want to make it status quo so that you accept it everywhere :

Awesome story of spreading truth and getting results :

Canada doesn’t like it :

Great discussion comparing the Israeli model :

The TSA is apparently optional :

Its a DHS decision :

The images get leaked :

The TSA seeks retaliates by starting an investigation :

I find it disgusting that the TSA keeps saying “there will be civil penalties” of up to $10,000 or $11,000. What penalties? WTF are they talking about?

Penn Jillette might be getting special treatment :

New Jersey Legislators take on the TSA:

Senate had a tiny useless hearing on the subject of TSA pat downs :

TSA and America’s Culture of Zero Risk :

You could use the XRays to send messages to the TSA, but you are still subjecting yourself to unnecessary radiation :

Ron Paul responds well :

oh, there is a higher quality version of that same thing here:

An airport opts out :

Ron Paul writes about it too:

A very good op-ed on Milgram’s obedience experiments :

Audio of a TSA Integration:

Seaport airlines – no lines, no rubber gloves, no TSA :

Compilation of TSA issues  :

first hand account of getting on a plane with guns but not nail clippers:

EFF has good advise on dealing with the TSA :

Bruce is summarizing and commenting :

It looks like Future Speaker of the House Boehner would change his behavior if the bill proposed by Ron Paul above were passed :