A Kid at Christmas : Visual Studio 2005

I feel like a child, tearing into presents at Christmas time.

I’m installing Visual Studio 2005.

Thank Microsoft for MSDN downloads. Thank my employer for MSDN subscriptions. Thank Sweden for Bo Branten, maker of filedisk.sys so I could install this dvd image without burning it.

I think I’m coming down with an illness. I should be getting lots of rest this weekend and wouldn’t you know it, this happens. I’ll be building ASP.NET 2.0 websites. I’ll be seeing what is new in Windows Forms. I’ll be making custom collection classes in one line of code rather than 100 thanks to Generics. I’ll be wondering why they changed some things, and wondering what important things they changed that I don’t yet know about. I’ll be a total nerd.

All of this shell be done this weekend after I attend the co-op party my wife is dragging me to in the heart of frat houses in Ann Arbor. I’d complain, but it really was fun last year.