Trying to do some ASP.NET 2.0 in Mono and immediately here are things with which the Visual Studio 2005 environment helped.

  1. I had a missing quote. I typed if ( c.ID == “form) … oops there is a trailing quote.
    XSP2’s error message was less than obvious. I’m sure much of it was because I was tired. Unfortunately I do most of my Mono development after working a full time job all day.

    Ok so it does say newline in constant and expecting ‘;’… I guess I was REALLY tired.

  2. Not critical but I’m using xhtml and my html tag didn’t have the xmlns attribute. Studio 2005 not only caught this, but it let me autocomplete this. Now this is really more of a roll for tidy than for another mono tool, but maybe xsp2 could have a debug mode which would run output through tidy!
  3. My web.config file had a < pages styleSheetTheme="SmokeAndGlass" / > tag, but the style didn’t exist.
  4. My asp:Label tag was missing runat server.
  5. My web.config defined a roleManager with a provider using SqlRoleProvider and a connectionStringName which was not defined.
  6. ASP.NET 2.0 couldn’t/wouldn’t load the .dll from the bin directory which has my custom provider. I’m not sure if this is because my dll isn’t strongly signed, is off a network share, or some other reason….HOLY FSCKING TYPO… I typed Provder instead of Provider. I really suck.
  7. Now I know that Mono is missing these things from browsing the classes. Seeing Studio 2005 handle the uncaught exceptions for a Web Application is AMAZING! Excellent debugging, especially since I’m debugging not a Web Application directly, but my custom MembershipProvider. Truely amazing! I’ve never debugged a web application like this.