A commercial memcached

I just ran across ScaleOut StateServer which looks to be an ASP.NET specialized distributed memory server much like memcached.

It sounds like a great idea, but who wan’t to pay for such a tiny feature? It is tiny features like these that Oen Source has generally done a better job with vs. commercial software IMO. So, for ASP.NET, this could be a perfect point for Mono to provide yet another big value add over the Microsoft implementation. After all, memcached is already done. All that needs to happen is the application session state provider to be written which uses it. There is even already a Java API, so if one were very desparate, then IKVM could make it come to be usable in a very short time. Of course, being the looser that I am, I think I’ll go down the path of making it work directly with the memcached using the memcached protocol.