XML is NOT a design tool

XML is the replacement for bad oo models. Why do anything naitive xml? What are the gains? Nnne. Drawbacks? Speed.

This is a note I wrote myself while in a meeting with co-workers a few months back. At the time, I’d not used XML for much of anything as a programmer. Since then I have changed my tune somewhat. However, I still am of the belief that XML is still not the panecea that many make it out to be.

XML is NOT a trump card for all the other design methodologies. XML isn’t a design methodology. If you aren’t designing and you think it is OK because “we are using XML”, then you are doing something very wrong. (i.e. you are stupid)

You must know XML’s limits. Everything has limits. Know them. When you are using a DOM library and your 50MB XML file is taking 500MB memory and you plan to do this on every request to your webserver and handle 100 requests per second, then you WILL have problems, unless you have $$$$$$$$ for an awesome server. If you do have $$$ for an awesome server, give me a call, I’ll come make your app 100 times faster.

XML is in itself not the problem. The problem is of course people. People don’t understand, so they misuse; it is the same old issue. I’m not as crazy about it as these guys.