RE: Has everyone gone bloody mad?

Jeff Tickle is far kinder than me.


You are a very kind person. Your words are those of a bridge builder and someone who truly and deeply understands the freedom which linux brings to the table. You are giving Linus much respect and benefit of the doubt in your reaction.

I, on the other hand, like to be evil. I like to be a total jackass in response to statements made by a total jackass. Linus is dumb. Linus is one dumb SOB. He doesn’t get it. He released a toy 14 years ago which grew into an awesome tool for us all, but he doesn’t have any vision for bringing the toy the masses. I don’t think he ever did. Anyone who sees the freedom which linux gives to us all and turns it into an “us vs. them” scenario is a fool. Linus just proved himself to be one.

Do I really believe these things? No. Linus is a hero of mine to. It always hurts when we see our heros make mistakes. It hurts more realizing that they don’t realize they made a mistake. It hurts still more realizing that they may not have the capacity to realize they made a mistake or ever admit it. I throw my hand in the air. Linux is still mine to use. Thank you open source. What has change from Linus’s statement? Nothing. Thank you open source. The next versions of gnome will come and go. The next versions of KDE will come and go. Linus cannot stop it. All he (or anyone) can do is make comments. Sometimes people will make bad comments. That is all that has happened. The next releases will come and go and we will have better software regardless.

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