New Years Eve 2005

I slept all day.

after we left the place for a second time, I realized my tire blew out when I hit the curb or pole.

waited until 6am for a truck, cuz I couldn’t put the spare on myself cuz a wheel cover nut was broken, and I had no pliers.

so we got home at about 8am.

I slept till 7pm after being up over 24hrs.

eggs and toast tastes REALLY good when you haven’t eatten a meal in over 24 hrs.

I had a good time last night (the eve of New Years Eve). I’m so exhausted I hope I have some energy to do it again, albeit less, tonight.

It was fun talking about the merits of p/invoke with forgue. It was also good that we didn’t geek out too much since my wife was there.