Google Alerts Reminds Me of Who I Was And Who I Want to Become

Like any good Leo, I have a vanity google alert setup on my name. Leos are supposedly vain and if I am to be a good Leo, then I must vanity search myself often. Today, this link came up on my google alert. It isn’t new. It is old. It is from 2003.


Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 14:42:56 -0400


I’m looking for instructions for upgrading firmware on an HSZ50. HP
says it cannot be done, but I thought maybe someone knew otherwise.

I’m also looking for vendors who sell version 5.7Z memory cards of the
HSZ firmware.


Jay R. Wren

In 2003 I didn’t know that I was a programmer. My title was “systems programmer” and we always joked that the title was a carry over from when any computer operator was a “programmer”. It turns out that much of my Systems Administration work in that role was not too much different from the jobs of many programmers.

I thought that real programmers followed all those software engineering things that I had heard a little bit about when I was on college. I thought that real programmers didn’t just throw code together like I was doing at the time. I turns out that I was wrong.

Of course life is a journey in which the destination is in constant change. I never did become what I wanted to be 5 years ago. I’m sure that my current destination will change over the next five years.