Please Put Uninstall Links In The Start Menu

start -> control panel (wait 8 seconds) -> visual scan what I want to click on for ~ 15seconds and find “uninstall a program” -> wait ~13 seconds for the Programs list to complete loading. Use the search (hurray) functionality of vista to find the program I want to uninstall.  Highlight and click uninstall.

This is a too common task for me to do. It takes long enough that I avoid doing it. It should be something I can just do and accomplish without thinking about it.

I admit I don’t have the fastest computer in the world. A Dell Latitude D820 with 2.5G of ram running Vista Business edition. I don’t have a lot of crap installed, but I do have tons of tiny files in the form of source code, mostly from open source projects, littering my hard drive filling up my MFT. I think the fragmented MFT causes a lot of my slowness.

Regardless, the remove program process would be far faster and a better experience for me if I could simply browse start->programs-> <insert program here> -> uninstall.

*this post was inspired by Jeff Atwood.