I haven’t said anything in a while, I’m sorry. School has been a wee bit busy. I recieved test results in some of my classes, and I didn’t do so hot. So its time to burry down and study. I need to get the grade. I can’t let a silly little thing like School whoop on my ass.

Its valentines day too. So I wanted to let everyone know that I have not gotten my sweetie anything. She loves me still. 😛

Other fun things include a killer NBA all-star game. GO EAST!!!

OU mens b-ball is doing pretty good even though our star player tore his ACL.

OU ladies b-ball lost the biggest game of the season, but they lost by one point at the last second. It was one of the best b-ball games I have ever seen.

First day of class. Fun Fun Fun. Stats got a little boring, but its Stats. I only need to keep the right attitude in that class, and It will keep my attention. Digital Systems is going to be pretty fun. I can tell already. Funny that the instructor for that course was in my CSE171 course 5 years ago when I took it. He is all graduated, and I am all slacking. Event Driven programming will be fun. There are many good coders in there it seems. Maybe we will raise some trouble.

Great weekend. I kept up on reading newsgroups. I tryed some nifty Python math libs. Most of all, I spent some quality time with my women. I’m watching Mr. T on PTL right now. Its awesome. Mr. T is great.

I spent mondo q time with my friends this weekend. Chilling at E-Rocks was the bomb. Dawgma was a cute flick.

Christmas with family

Christmas with family is fun and good. Life with family and friends is such a wonderful experience I wish it upon everyone. The wish came true because everyone has family and friends. Can you feel the joy?

Happy Christmas. Merry New Year.